My Goal for Quaff Life


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Quaff Life is an attempt to identify and network the people who get things done. You Quaff Life if you 1) maintain a positive attitude about yourself and your future, 2) are willing to take risks to succeed, 3) find the best part of the people around you and encourage it, and 4) help others to succeed. If successful, Quaff Life will become a community of people with a similar outlook on life and business, and they’ll support each other, resulting in even greater emotional, personal and business success for every member of the community. I know you are out there.

But the trolls are also out there and they’re busy trying to prevent your success.

Our society has become more technologically linked in the past decade, to the point where some people socialize almost entirely through technology. The benefit has been much easier communication. But it has also created a greater opportunity for people to “down” each other, to cause others to doubt themselves, and to stymy creativity. People under the age of 30 aren’t creating businesses as they once did. They choose, instead, to find a corporate job and stay there earning a paycheck. It’s like they are hiding under a rock because it’s safe. It’s a rational reaction to the constant attack by trolls, both virtual and real.

In a recent study, Canadian researchers studied 1,200 internet trolls and found their test scores were that of “prototypical everyday sadists.” Buckels, Erin E., Paul D. Trapnell, and Delroy L. Paulhus. "Trolls just want to have fun." Personality and Individual Differences (2014): 97-102. Their happiness comes from preventing your success, making you doubt yourself, making you sad, and making you angry. Long ago, people only had to deal with the narcissists and psychopaths next door, but now the Internet allows those people to be everywhere and inject themselves into your life. Quaff Life wants to keep them away from us.

So the meager goal of Quaff Life is essentially a 3 Step Program:

Step 1: Create a Community;
Step 2: Support, Help and Encourage Each Other to Succeed;
Step 3: Reshape the World.

What you can do now is buy a shirt to become a member.
- Clarence