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Quaff Life started as a way to answer my children’s question over dinner of how a business gets started. I explained the process and then gave them an example of a business selling t-shirts. The name Quaff Life came out of that dinner conversation. To quaff is to drink in large, hearty gulps.

I later decided they would easily forget the lesson unless it became real. The lesson I was trying to teach them wasn’t just the mechanics about bringing an idea to market, though. It was about leaving doubt in the closet and having the confidence to pursue your goals. I suddenly realized that Quaff Life was actually the perfect name for what I wanted to communicate. Having no artistic ability myself, I contacted a local cartoonist and gave him a description of the theme and the first shirts I wanted to create. The goal was to use humor to make people want to read and understand this message:

1. Don’t be a spectator to your own life,
2. Don’t let doubt and fear imprison your passion,
3. Taking smart risks to pursue your goals gives your life purpose,
4. End every day knowing you made the most of it, and
5. Find the best part of every person you meet.

Quaff Life’s spokesman is Clarence, a Royal Penguin. He was chosen because he’s small and appears to have no ability to succeed at anything but swimming and eating fish. But Clarence is courageous and lives bigger than his size because he quaffs life.

The result is what you see on this website. The offerings are small at first but even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. More to come…

The movement to embrace risk is not mine alone. The following links are some sources for inspiration to encourage you to Quaff Life and to never be afraid to take a smart risk:

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Americans have become lazy and it's hurting the economy

"The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream," a book by Tyler Cowen, professor
of economics at George Mason University.